Why not come and join us

What is the EPS Strawberry Fair

On this fun day the oval and courts are transformed into a riot of colour and activity. There are stalls selling a myriad of goods from books and home ware to gifts, cakes and jewellery. We have games to keep the kids busy and food stalls that offer yummy lunch and snack lines. A café and a bar cater for those who want a break and the ongoing entertainment keeps the oldies amused for hours. It is always a BIG day with a great community feel helped by the number of volunteers from the school, local churches and other community groups. Old scholars, past teachers and neighbours all make appearances and enjoy the camaraderie.

Strawberry Fair Coordinators

The coordinators are responsible for the overall vision, structure, communications and the contact point for all areas of the fair. They oversee, support and link the sub-committees with the school management team. They arrange equipment and infrastructure that is required and advise on quantities and products.

Strawberry Fair Sub-committees

The sub-committees are inclusive and community driven by involving more families in the decision making and future vision of the school. The sub-committees encourage designated groups to focus into specific areas of expertise enhancing the overall outcome and experience of the fair.

Strawberry Fair Stall Convenors

The stall convenors are responsible for the implementation and facilitation of their stall on the day. They will work alongside the stall committee to arrange appropriate equipment and alongside the designated class teacher to make sure there is plenty of support on the day. Each class is responsible for a stall and parent volunteers cover the stall throughout the day.

Help Before the Event

During the weeks leading up to the fair we take in massive amounts of clothing, white elephant goods, books and raffle items. We need parent support to supply these items so please clean out cupboards and sheds before October. We also need parents with a few minutes to spare before picking up the kids to sort and store these goods, so if you have time pop into the office and see Judy. We are very grateful for donations for the raffles. If you have business connections this is a great way to advertise as well as helping out the school. There is often a call for people who can help out with trailers to transport equipment. Helpers are also needed for class cooking sessions to make goods for the cake stall.

Last Minute Help

Saturday is the big day and we need as many helpers as we can to put up stalls, umbrellas, signage, tables and trestles. Refrigerated vans need to be loaded and stalls laid out. On the day people start arriving before 10 and we start the huge pack up at 3. After pack up, the Tavern is open with the offer of a free drink and sausage to thank our workers. Most people wait around for the announcement of our takings for the day.