OSHC & VAC Care Information

Located in the historic original ‘Headmaster’s Residence’, on the corner of Edward and Maria Streets Melrose Park, Edwardstown Primary Out of School Hours Care is an established part of our local community. We accept primary school aged children from four years to twelve years of age, with 105 children capacity for each session. This includes EPS children and others within the local community. Currently rated as ‘Exceeding’ the National Quality Standard of Education and Care, we provide a recreational program designed upon our children’s interests, needs, and family suggestions. We believe in building positive relationships with our families to create an environment where children feel safe, support and included – all whilst practicing life skills and endorsing active play.

Each afternoon we have active play outside followed by activities and free time indoors. Our own building has allowed us the freedom to design themed rooms for the children to separate according to their interests – art/craft, movie/relaxation, homework study, technology zone, updated kitchen, and dramatic play. We also have access to school facilities such as 3 playgrounds, 3 courts, nature play area, oval, gymnasium, and performing arts classroom depending on our programmed activities.

Families can apply to attend through submitting the following paperwork via email, subject to availability:

Online Enrolment Form – Please click here


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If your child has been diagnosed with any health care needs (Asthma, Anaphylaxis, Diabetes, Intolerances, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Needs etc.), please be aware that additional paperwork will need to be processed in order to ensure your child/ren receive the best possible care.

In regards to accounts, child attendance reports are sent to Centrelink each Friday to process Child Care Subsides. Parents receive the invoice the following Monday via email, and can pay via Qkr, Payment-OSHC section of the school website, or through details provided on invoices.

Due to staff ratio requirements and materials supplied we require two weeks’ notice for any cancelations without a medical certificate. (For Vacation Care, it is two weeks prior to commencement, as stated on the consent form).

For enquiries please contact Malanie Cooper (OSHC Director) or Danielle Wright (Assist. Director) on 0437 534 69108 8293 8253 or eps.care321@schools.sa.edu.au

Before School Care:

Opening Hours : 7:00am 9:00am.

During this time, we provide breakfast (cereals/toast/toasties) alongside free time and active play (gymnasium/courts). At 8:30pm we walk the children to the school courtyard and, upon the bell, walk receptions and new families to class.


$14 permanent, weekly attendance.

$16 casual, random dates requested.

Children who arrive prior to 7am will incur a $1 per minute per child early fee.

After School Care:

Opening Hours : 3:10pm-6:15pm.

All children arrive at 3:10pm (with Receptions collected from their classrooms) and settle in with ‘Afternoon Tea’ consisting of a fruit and veg platter, biscuits and a small meal serve (e.g. wraps). Once finished eating, we are involved in free time active play / programmed activities until 5pm free time. All our materials/activities are accessible for the children to be involved in their own interests.


$25 permanent, weekly attendance.

$29 casual, random dates requested.

Children collected after 6:15pm closing will incur a $1 per minute per child late fee.

Vacation Care School Holiday Program:

Opening Hours : We provide care during school holidays and Pupil Free Days, Monday-Friday, 7am-6:15pm. We are not available for public holidays, and are closed for two weeks over Christmas/New Year’s holiday period.

This program will include a mix of excursions and centre-based activity visits. Children are to provide their own recess, lunch, water bottle, SunSmart hat, and be wearing SunSmart Clothing and enclosed shoes.

Our program is released approximately in week 5 of term.

Please be advised that all enrolment / medical / consent forms must be completed before bookings are accepted.


$54 full day session.

$34 half day sessions (7am-12:30pm or 12:30-6:15pm)

Children on site outside of opening hours (prior to 7am or after 6:15pm) will incur a $1 per minute per child charge.

OSHC Policies are available to read from the OSHC office Learn More