Leadership Team

Principal – Vicky Bashford

Vicky joined EPS as a classroom teacher in 2015, and then was appointed as the Principal in 2021. As Principal, her key role is in managing all aspects of our student support and intervention processes, student engagement and Aboriginal support programs. Other responsibilities include in leading school wide initiatives and managing groups and committees including our Out of Schools House Care (OSHC) and Fundraising.

Deputy Principal – Simone Percy

Simone joined our staff at EPS in Term 1 2022. As Deputy Principal, Simone’s key role and responsibilities are in leading school wide initiatives, including curriculum R-7, developing inquiry pedagogies, including managing site ICT initiatives/ network management. He also manages some groups and committees including the Governing Council – Sports Committee and Canteen. His main role is increasing the understanding and Simone supports student leadership and promotes authentic student voice in decision making through the management of Student Council.