This guide has been developed for our Online Learning Program – EPSOnline 

EPSOnline is the school’s response to providing learning continuity online, and lessons will be created to include three pedagogical components: 

  1. Explicit instruction – your teacher will provide direct teaching of concepts and content. (Uploaded videos or live Zoom) 
  2. Contribution – you will have the opportunity to contribute to a discussion or develop ideas with your teacher. 
  3. Independent Practice – you will have the chance to undertake activities or study on your own. 

These three components of each lesson are best practice teaching and learning, will be familiar, and already form the structure of most classes. They afford teachers the chance to vary their teaching, while also enabling a continuity of learning. Most students are already familiar with digital learning e.g. Seesaw, Microsoft Teams, Learnlink Email and Zoom. 

EPSOnline will change the experience of your education: be it from home, or be it on the school site. We recognise that navigating this new way of learning presents some challenges, and the wellbeing of each student is of importance. 

Edwardstown Primary School is more than just a school – it is a strong, diverse and supportive community that will continue to encourage you to enjoy and have fun learning. Whilst learning has, for the foreseeable future, changed significantly, we will, as we have always done so work with our school values of respect, care and compassion, and doing your best.

Mrs Kathy Papps


Mrs Vicky Bashford

Deputy Principal

Mr Shane Atkins 

Assistant Principal