Le Francais

French is taught from Reception to Year 7. The program is based on the rationale that language learning should be fun and meaningful.

Students are encouraged to use French whenever possible, with the teacher providing and supporting this language input. English is used for instruction, explanation and discussion.

The Australian Curriculum: Languages forms the basis for planning and assessment.  Lessons include a balance between teacher-led instruction and a wide variety of language and cultural activities such as:

  • Songs and games
  • Interactive whiteboard activities
  • Listening and speaking activities (individual and group)
  • Plays
  • Written work

The French program is enhanced by use of digital technologies including:

iPads and tablets in the classroom for language activities, research and creative presentation movie-making using greenscreen and clay-animation techniques.

Special Events

  • French Day – a highlight of the annual calendar, when students are encouraged to dress up and celebrate aspects of French culture
  • pétanque competitions (school-based and interschool)
  • poetry-reciting and cultural competitions run by the South Australian French Teachers’ Association and the Alliance Française.


La Poule Maboule

Le Chat et la Lune

Salut Mon Ami