Student Wellbeing

Outdoor Education

Edwardstown Primary School has an Outdoor and Environmental Education Program that provides sequential activities for all year levels and includes sleepover and camping experiences for students from Year 1 to Year 7.

Environmental Projects

Several Year 6/7 students are part of our Environment Group that manages environment projects within the school.

The Gardening Group looks after our vegetable garden and the native gardens around the school perimeter.

All classes are involved in composting food scraps and recycling.

Recycling includes newspapers, paper waste, drink containers, batteries and ink-toner cartridges.

Student Leadership

The Student Representative Council (SRC) meets every fortnight. Each class has two students on the SRC.

All Year 6/7 students are involved in Action Teams that meet once a week. These teams are involved in community, environmental and decision making tasks.

Teams include:

•Student Leaders
•Environment Group
•Yearbook Committee
•Community Teams who visit the Childcare Centre, do gardening and help around the school.

Edwardstown Community Award (ECA)

All Year 6/7’s strive towards achieving the ECA through undertaking a variety of community-minded tasks including Road Traffic Monitoring, Sports Shed Monitoring, putting up and taking down netball poles and post protectors, gardening, weeding, helping in the library, working with younger students, tidying the yard, helping in the library and organising activities for other students.

Play is the Way

All staff use a play-based social skills program called Play is The Way.  This program supports students’ collaboration and resilience. It also builds classroom and school cohesion through the golden rule “Treat others as you would like them to treat you.”